Saturday 31 October 2020 1:00PM

Siglo de Oro; Patrick Allies director

Gaffurius, des Prez, Werrecore, Weerbeke and Phinot


This concert will be approximately 1 hour in duration, without an interval


Priority Bookings made for our 2020/21 Season Autumn concerts are subject to an administration fee of £4.00 per booking.

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  • Siglo de Oro
  • Patrick Allies director

With its penchant for rediscovery, the vocal ensemble brings music written for the Duomo in Milan, especially that of Matthias Werrecore, maestro di cappella from 1522 to 1550.

  • Franchinus Gaffurius (1451-1522)
        • O sacrum convivium a5
  • Josquin des Prez (c.1450-1521)
        • Inviolata a5
  • Matthias Hermann Werrecore
        • Popule meus
  • Gaspar van Weerbeke (c.1445-1516)
        • Ave regina caelorum, mater
  • Matthias Hermann Werrecore
        • Proh dolor
  • Josquin des Prez
        • Alma redemptoris/Ave regina
  • Matthias Hermann Werrecore
        • Ave maris stella
  • Dominique Phinot (c.1510-1556)
        • Homo quidam fecit cenam
  • Matthias Hermann Werrecore
        • Inviolata, integra, et casta es Maria