Tuesday 21 February 2017 7:30PM

Sir András Schiff piano

Bach, Bartók, Janáček and Schumann


  • Sir András Schiff piano

Bach’s Sinfonias, known to generations of piano students as Three-part Inventions, provide the powerful platform for a programme of works bristling with rhythmic energy and songful melody. Janáček’s Sonata ‘From the Street’ captures the outrage, defiance and despair provoked by the death in 1905 of a worker bayoneted by troops during a protest in favour of a Czech university in Brno.

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  • Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)
        • Sinfonia No.1 in C major BWV787
      • 3-Part Inventions (Sinfonias) BWV788
        • Sinfonia No.2 in C minor
      • 3-Part Inventions (Sinfonias) BWV789
        • Sinfonia No.3 in D major
      • 3-Part Inventions (Sinfonias) BWV790
        • Sinfonia No.4 in D minor
      • 3-Part Inventions (Sinfonias) BWV791
        • Sinfonia No.5 in E flat major
  • Béla Bartók (1881-1945)
        • Suite for Piano BB70 Op. 14
  • Johann Sebastian Bach
      • 3-Part Inventions (Sinfonias) BWV792
        • Sinfonia No.6 in E major
      • 3-Part Inventions (Sinfonias) BWV793
        • Sinfonia No.7 in E minor
      • 3-Part Inventions (Sinfonias) BWV794
        • Sinfonia No.8 in F major
      • 3-Part Inventions (Sinfonias) BWV795
        • Sinfonia No.9 in F minor
      • 3-Part Inventions (Sinfonias) BWV796
        • Sinfonia No.10 in G major
  • Béla Bartók
      • Szabadban (Out of Doors) BB89
        • I. Sippal, dobbal (With Drums and Pipes)
        • II. Barcarolla
        • III. Musettes
  • Johann Sebastian Bach
      • 3-Part Inventions (Sinfonias) BWV797
        • Sinfonia No.11 in G minor
      • 3-Part Inventions (Sinfonias) BWV798
        • Sinfonia No.12 in A major
      • 3-Part Inventions (Sinfonias) BWV799
        • Sinfonia No.13 in A minor
      • 3-Part Inventions (Sinfonias) BWV800
        • Sinfonia No.14 in B flat major
      • 3-Part Inventions (Sinfonias) BWV801
        • Sinfonia No.15 in B minor
  • Béla Bartók
      • Szabadban (Out of Doors) BB89
        • IV. Az ejszaka zeneje (The Night's Music)
        • V. Hajsza (The Chase)
  • Interval
  • Leoš Janáček (1854-1928)
        • Sonata I.X.1905 'From the Street'
  • Robert Schumann (1810-1856)
        • Piano Sonata No. 1 in F sharp minor Op. 11 'Grosse Sonate'

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