Monday 10 October 2022 7:30PM

The Brabant Ensemble

Jean Mouton (obiit 1522) in memoriam


This concert will be approximately 2 hours in duration, including an interval


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  • The Brabant Ensemble

Taking its name from the medieval Duchy of Brabant, the group founded by Stephen Rice in 1998 has specialised, both live and on disc, in sacred music from the mid-16th Century.

  • Jean Mouton (c.1459-1522)
      • Confitemini Domino
      • Missa 'Faulte d'argent'
        • Kyrie
  • Antoine Brumel (c.1450-1612)
      • Missa de beata virgine
        • Gloria
  • Antoine de Févin (c.1470-1511)
      • Sancta Trinitas
  • Jean Mouton
      • Qui ne regrettoit le gentil Févin
  • Josquin des Prez (c.1450-1521)
      • Huc me sydereo
  • Jean Mouton
      • Ave Maria gemma virginum
  • Pierre Moulu (c.1484-1550)
      • Mater floreat
  • Interval
  • Jean Mouton
      • Quis dabit oculis?
  • Adrian Willaert (c.1490-1562)
      • Ave maris stella a5
  • Jean Mouton
      • Missa ‘Tu es Petrus’
        • Sanctus
  • Claudin de Sermisy (c.1490-1562)
      • Si bona suscepimus
  • Jean Mouton
      • O salutaris hostia
  • Josquin des Prez
      • Alma redemptoris mater/Ave regina caelorum
  • Jean Mouton
      • Nesciens mater Virgo virum

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