Thursday 28 November 2019 7:30PM

The English Concert; Harry Bicket director, harpsichord; Nadja Zwiener violin

Fontana, Marini, Castello and more


This concert will be approximately 2 hours in duration, including an interval


Ticket bookings are subject to a £3 booking fee. This fee covers the whole booking and is not per ticket.

  • The English Concert
  • Harry Bicket director, harpsichord
  • Nadja Zwiener violin

Through experimental playing techniques, compositional innovation, imitations of nature, and exceedingly virtuosic writing, these composers pushed the boundaries of Italian music to their limit. Disseminated across the great culture capitals through the Amsterdam printing houses, these Italian trailblazers set the bar for the rest of Europe.

  • Giovanni Battista Fontana (1589-1630)
        • Sonata XIV for 2 violins
  • Biagio Marini (1594-1663)
        • Sinfonia Terzo Tuono Op. 22
        • Balletto quarto Op. 22
  • Dario Castello
      • Sonate concertate in stil moderno, libro secondo
        • Sonata No. 10
  • Agostino Steffani (1654-1728)
        • Suite from Niobe, regina di Tebe
  • Pietro Antonio Locatelli (1695-1764)
        • Concerto for 4 violins in F Op. 4 No. 12
  • Interval
  • Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741)
        • The Four Seasons

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