Thursday 28 November 2019 7:30PM

The English Concert; Harry Bicket director, harpsichord; Nadja Zwiener violin

Between Harmony & Invention: The Birth of the Violin Concerto


  • The English Concert
  • Harry Bicket director, harpsichord
  • Nadja Zwiener violin

To most people, Vivaldi is best known for his Four Seasons. Of the 500 or so concertos Vivaldi wrote, these four have become ubiquitous for a reason: quite simply, they are just brilliant music.

Scored for solo violin and string orchestra, their darting rhythms and sharp harmonic shifts lucidly depict the natural world. At the same time, they present a thorough exploration of the expressive possibilities the violin offered to the early 18th-century composer.

Living and working in Venice, Vivaldi was steeped in a rich tradition of violinist-composers. In this programme, we celebrate Vivaldi’s iconic collection in an evening that includes some truly effervescent music by other musicians who spent time in the city, tracing the emergence of the violin concerto from its 17th-century origins.

'Superb solo violinist Nadja Zwiener’
‘The Telegraph

‘A superb period instrument Orchestra’
New York Times

‘A luscious feast of Baroque music’
The Independent

  • Kindly supported by Smith & Williamson
  • Giovanni Battista Fontana (1589-1630)
        • Sonata XIV for 2 violins
  • Biagio Marini (1594-1663)
        • Sinfonia Terzo Tuono Op. 22
        • Balletto quarto Op. 22
  • Dario Castello
      • Sonate concertate in stil moderno, libro secondo
        • Sonata No. 10
  • Agostino Steffani (1654-1728)
        • Suite from Niobe, regina di Tebe
  • Pietro Antonio Locatelli (1695-1764)
        • Concerto for 4 violins in F Op. 4 No. 12
  • Interval
  • Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741)
        • The Four Seasons

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