Monday 15 February 2021 7:30PM

The Sixteen

Anon, Browne, Cornysh and more


This concert was live-streamed as part of the Wigmore Hall Spring Series. The video is no longer online but other concerts are available to watch in full here: Wigmore Hall Concert Video Library


  • The Sixteen
  • John Browne
      • Jesu, mercy, how may this be?
  • Anon
      • I am a jolly foster
      • My heart is in great mourning
  • Richard Davy (c.1465-1507)
      • Ah, mine heart, remember thee well
  • Anon
      • In a slumber late as I was
  • King Henry VIII (1491-1547)
      • Green grow’th the holly
  • Walter Lambe (c.1450-1504)
      • Nesciens Mater
  • William Cornysh (d.1523)
      • Hoyda, Hoyda jolly rutterkin
      • Woefully arrayed
  • Richard Davy
      • Joan is sick and ill at ease
  • William Cornysh
      • Ave Maria mater Dei
  • Richard Davy
      • Stabat Mater Dolorosa
  • Encore
  • William Cornysh
      • A robyn, gentyl robyn

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