Sunday 27 March 2022 7:30PM

The Sixteen

Streams of Tears (Iberian roots)


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This concert will be approximately 2 hours in duration, including an interval


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  • The Sixteen

Music from Iberia and the New World comprises The Sixteen’s programme, with a focus on Gutiérrez de Padilla (c.1590-1664), born in Spain but from 1620 domiciled in Puebla, Mexico, where he worked at the Cathedral. His music is surrounded by that of such figures as the Portuguese Diogo Dias Melgaz (1638-1700), Duarte Lobo (c.1564-1646) and Manuel Cardoso (1566-1650); the Spanish Antonio de Cabezón (1510-66) and Juan Bautista José Cabanilles (c.1614-1712); and the Italian resident in Spain, Domenico Scarlatti (1685-1757).

  • Juan Gutiérrez de Padilla (c.1590-1664)
      • Mirabilia testimonia
  • Diogo Dias Melgas (1638-1700)
      • Salve regina
  • Antonio de Cabezón (1510-1566)
      • Ave maris stella
  • Duarte Lobo (c.1564-9-1646)
      • Pater peccavi
  • Domenico Scarlatti (1685-1757)
      • Iste confessor
  • Manuel Cardoso (1566-1650)
      • Sitivit anima mea
  • Juan Gutiérrez de Padilla
      • Lamentations for Maundy Thursday
  • Interval
  • Juan Gutiérrez de Padilla
      • Salve regina
  • Juan Bautista José Cabanilles (c.1644-1712)
      • Folias primer tono
  • Domenico Scarlatti
      • Stabat mater

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