Wednesday 13 December 2017 7:30PM

Trio Mediæval; Nils Økland violin

Wolcome Yole


Confirmation of Concert Duration & Programme

  • The duration time for this concert has changed from previously advertised and will now be as listed below.
  • The programme for this concert has now been confirmed as listed below
  • Archived

    • Trio Mediæval
    • Anna Maria Friman voice
    • Linn Andrea Fuglseth voice
    • Berit Opheim voice
    • Nils Økland violin

    Trio Mediaval has beguiled audiences worldwide with its modern re-imaginings of medieval music. The Trio juxtaposes sacred polyphony with folk music and improvisation, melding these elements into its own distinct and unique style.

    Innovative fiddle player Nils Økland joins the ensemble for this programme, which includes the world première of a work by Andrew Smith.

    • Anon
          • Veni, redemptor gentium (arr. Trio Mediaeval/Nils Økland)
    • Trad/Swiss
          • Folkefrelsar, til oss kom (arr. Linn Andrea Fuglseth)
    • Trad/Norwegian
          • Et barn er født i Betlehem (arr. Linn Andrea Fuglseth)
    • Trad/Swedish
          • Bereden väg för Herran (arr. Anna Maria Friman)
    • Anon
          • Nowell: Owt of your slepe aryse and wake
          • Ecce, quod natura mutat sua jura
          • Alleluia: A newë werk
    • Trad/Norwegian
          • Hullaslag
          • Brureslått fra Rivedal
    • Saint Godric of Finchale
          • Sainte Marië viërgenë (arr. Trio Mediaeval/Nils Økland)
          • Crist and Sainte Marië (arr. Trio Mediaeval/Nils Økland)
          • Sainte Nicholas, Godes druth (arr. Trio Mediaeval/Nils Økland)
    • Andrew Smith (b.1971)
          • Lux (world première)
    • Trad/Norwegian
          • O du min Immanuel (arr. Berit Opheim/Nils Økland)
          • Lussinatti lange (arr. Linn Andrea Fuglseth)
    • Nils Økland (b. 1961)
          • Biberslått
    • Trad/Norwegian
          • Kling no, klokka! (arr. Linn Andrea Fuglseth)
    • Sinikka Langeland (b. 1961)
          • Lillebrors hjerte - Puer natus est nobis
    • Trad/Norwegian
          • I denne søte juletid (arr. Linn Andrea Fuglseth)
    • Traditional
          • Det hev ei rose sprunge (16th century after M. Praetorius) (arr. Linn Andrea Fuglseth)
    • Encore
    • Trad/Swedish
          • Du är den första (arr. Anna Maria Friman)

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