Become a Friend today and join a community of music lovers who are helping shape the future of Wigmore Hall. Your contribution will provide much needed support during these extraordinary times, ensuring we can continue providing a platform for exceptional artists now and in the future.

Friends Priority Booking

Details on how the Friends Priority Booking process works can be found here: Friends Priority Booking. If you are interested in supporting Wigmore Hall further, find out about the Rubinstein Circle and the newly launched Wigmore Ensemble.

If you have any queries, please contact the Friends Office by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or calling 020 7258 8230.

Friends Benefits

Each season we offer a range of benefits at each membership level ensuring our Friends can enjoy all that Wigmore Hall has to offer, however, due to these extraordinary times, it may not always be possible to offer these benefits in full.

We are incredibly grateful to our Friends for the invaluable support they are providing for us at this difficult time.

View and book forthcoming events exclusive to Friends

Events for Friends

© Christopher Jonas 2022

Wigmore Hall: Portraying Our People

Friday 2 September 2022 10:30AM

A 100-photograph exhibition, showcasing the work of photographer Christopher Jonas CBE

© Christopher Jonas 2022

Wigmore Hall: Portraying Our People

Friday 2 September 2022 12:30PM

A 100-photograph exhibition, showcasing the work of photographer Christopher Jonas CBE

Benjamin Britten © Clive Strutt

An exploration of Wigmore Hall's Britten Plus Series

Wednesday 28 September 2022 1:00PM

A talk given by Simon Rowland-Jones feat. Medea String Quartet

Composer-Performer Rebecca Clarke in a concert of her own compositions, 1925

The history of composer-performers at Wigmore Hall

Wednesday 30 November 2022 11:00AM

A talk by Wigmore Hall's Archivist, Emily Woolf

Member Friends – £50 a year

(or 10 instalments of £5 via Direct Debit)

As a thank you for your support, you will receive:

  • Priority Booking for all Wigmore series concerts and events
  • Regular updates and advance information from the Hall
  • The Score Magazine, published three times a year
  • Access to a specially curated Friends events programme



Member Friends £50Supporter Friends £115Benefactor Friends £225Patron Friends £500

Supporter Friends – £115 a year

(or 10 instalments of £11.50 via Direct Debit)

All the benefits of Member Friends, plus:

  • Priority Booking ahead of Member Friends
  • The opportunity to join fellow Friends at a special reception each season*



Supporter Friends £115Benefactor Friends £225Patron Friends £500

Benefactor Friends – £225 a year

(or 10 instalments of £22.50 via Direct Debit)

All the benefits of Member Friends, plus:

  • Priority Booking ahead of Member and Supporter Friends
  • The opportunity to join fellow Friends at two special receptions each season*


Benefactor Friends £225Patron Friends £500

Patron Friends – £500 a year

(or 10 instalments of £50 via Direct Debit)

All the benefits of Member Friends, plus:

  • Priority Booking ahead of all other Friends
  • The opportunity to join fellow Friends at two special receptions each season*
  • Invitation to attend the annual Patron Friends Dinner (additional costs apply)
  • Named acknowledgement on Wigmore Hall’s website via our Patron Friends credit listing



Patron Friends £500

*Receptions are held throughout the year around selected concerts at the Hall

The Wigmore Hall Trust gratefully acknowledges the support of the Patron Friends listed below:

Current Patron Friends

Louise Abrams and George Browning
Leila Abu-Sharr and Mark Younger
Ralph and Elizabeth Aldwinckle
Ian Allan
Brian F. Ames M.V.O
Geoff Andrew
Ann Andrews
Noël and Caroline Annesley
Kirsty Anson
Mr E Patrick and Mrs Sondra Arning
Matt Astill
Alain Aubry
Anthony Austin
Simon Baddeley
Dr Richard Ballantine
Dickie and Susan Bannenberg
David Barnes
Mrs Arlene Beare
David and Margaret Beaton
Jeffrey Belkin
Alan and Sally Bell
Elizabeth Bennett
Leslie and Dee Bergman
Barry F. and Emily S. Berkov
Mary Bernard and Ian Fleming
Mr Nicholas J Bez
Geoffrey and Lynn Bindman
Aurore and Adrian Blair
Stephen Bland
Silvia Blum Gentilomo
Elisabeth and Bob Boas
Jean and John Botts
Martin Bowen
Christopher and Lorna Bown
Lady Bowness
Maren Brandes
Ursula Brennan
Michael Brind and Fiona Stone
Angela and Peter Brookes
Professor Chris Brown
Dr. Christopher Buller
John Burgess
Tony Burt
Clive Butler
Susan Carlisle
Marcy Carpenter
Peter Cave
Susan Chappell
Roger Clark
Ian Clarkson and Richard Morris
David Clasen
Philip Collcutt OBE
Don and Barbara Collins
Dorothy Cory-Wright
Matthew P Courey
Bunty Cowie
Liz Cratchley OBE
W Stephen Croddy
Margaret & David Cullingham
Celia and Andrew Curran
Peggy Czyzak-Dannenbaum
Edmund Adamic and Roland Daneau
Timothy Daunt
Morny and Ian Hay Davison
C N G Dawes OBE
Wouter Denhaan
Gilpatrick & Jolanta Devlin
Keith Dicker
James Dooley
Richard Dorment CBE
Jane Douglas
J L Drewitt
Mr. and Mrs. Driver
Kate Dugdale
Douglas and Janette Eden
Julian and Yoko Edge-Partington
Susan Edison
Shirley Ellis
Maureen Elton
Alexandra and David Emmerson
Dr C Endersby and Prof. D Cowan OBE
Caroline Erskine
Apostolos E A S Evangelopoulos
Marshall Field
Jeffrey and Patricia Fine
Deborah Finkler and Allan Murray-Jones
David Floyd and Mrs Dale Sheppard-Floyd
Martin Fraenkel
Henrietta Fraser
Francesca Fremantle
Jane French
Mark Friend
Michael Glendinning
Gerald Goh
Sue and Richard Gold
Brian Golds
Mr and Mrs James Golob
John and Joanna Goodwin
Peter Goodwin
Alexander Graham and Rosie Millard
Marilyn Green
James and Pat Grimwood-Taylor
John Gruzelier, Professor Emeritus
Felicity Guinness
Barbara and Michael Gwinnell
Alfred and Liselotte Gysi
Gilbert and Vahideh Hall
Mark A. Harris
Ray and Pauline Hartman
Laurence Harvey Wood
Latham Associates
Brian Hatfield
Mr Andrew Head
Charles and Rachel Henderson
Javan Herberg and Jessica Boyd
Angela Hewitt CC OBE
Julia Hill
Martin Holmes
Peter and Carol Honey
Dr Alan J Horan
Angela Howard
Philip Hughes
Professor John Hyman
Keith Jacobsen
Marcus Jarvis and Tony Sparrow
Deborah and Robert Jay
Julian Johnston
Penny Jonas
Frances and Jeffrey Jowell
Alan and Ruth Judes
Dr Anthony Katz
Christopher Keller
Andrey Kidel
Joseph Kim

Bruce Kirby
Colin Kirkpatrick
Yvonne Koerfer
Mr Julian Korn
David M. Kozak
Gabor Lacko and Patricia Spero
Christopher and Roshana Langdon
Henna Ong and Peter D. Lawrence
Father David Lawrence-March
Paul Lay
Florian Leonhard
Mark Levy
C Lillywhite and B Jasper
Peter Lim
Sir Sydney Lipworth QC and Lady Lipworth CBE
Dina Liu-Dang
Paul and Brigitta Lock
George and Angie Loudon
David and Mary A. Lowenthal
Miki Lund
William Lyne CBE AM
Anne and Brian Mace
Ms. Jo Magner
Simon Majaro MBE
Virginia Makins
Jean Marsh
Dr I V Mast and Dr N Ul Islam
Harriet and Michael Maunsell
Beryl McAlhone
Helen and Paul McAndrews
George Meyer
Antony Michaelson
Alison and Antony Milford
Mark and Sarah Holford
Patricia and Richard Millett
Michael Milner
Mr and Mrs Paul Morgan
Trevor Moross
David Morris
Rodney and Kusum Nelson-Jones
Vlatka and Norman Neville
Jonathan Newman
John Nicoll
Hugh Noble
Valerie O'Connor
Janet and Michael Orr
Ellie Packer
Simon Page
Frank Paget
Roy and Celia Palmer
Jane Parks
John and Terry Pearson
Richard and Lynda Penrose
Serena Sutcliffe & David Peppercorn
George Peretz QC and Mandy Brown
Shira Perlmutter
Mr and Mrs Michael Pescod
David Petch
The Lord and Lady Phillimore
Dr R J W Phillips
Trevor Pitman
Perry Press
Denis Raeburn
Sally and Hedley Ramshaw
Ruth Raunkiaer
Richard and Adrienne Regan
Philip and Charman Robinson
Peter Ross
Mrs. Katie Rowan
Nabil Saidi
Louise Scheuer
Alistair Shaw and Alberto Ramìrez Garcìa
Peter Shaw
Lucy Silver
Ian Simons
Susan and John Singer
Laura Sizemore
S R Sklaroff
Lilian Slowe
Galina N. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Smith
Joe and Lucy Smouha
Freddy Soames
Elsya Speechly-Dick and Keith Hyman
Elijah Spies
Anthony & Iris Spooner
Jackie St. Johanser
Mark R. Stadler
Deborah Staunton
S F M Steer
Stefan and Judith Steiner
Rodney Stewart Smith
Sir Angus and Lady Stirling
Mark Stobbs
Jeremy and Sally Stone
Leslie Swailes
David and Lorna Syrus
Emilia Ottela and Vilppu Tarvainen
Debbie and Robert Taussig
Sayoko and David Teitelbaum
Allen Thomas and Jane Simpson
Stephen Thomas
A H Thomlinson
Professor Christopher Thompson
In memory of Jacquie Gulliver Thompson
David Thornhill
William Tilden
James and Linda Toller
Aminah and Michael Trask
Eric Vezie
Dr Rodney Waldes
Rosemary Warburg
Helen Ward
Susan Ward
Sophie & Stephen Warshaw
Paul C K Wee
Tom Weisselberg
Anne and David Weizmann
John Wilkes
David Evan Williams
David Williams
Sally Williams
David Croly
Richard Wintour
Ellen Wong
Linde and John Wotton
Graeme Wright
Kazuhiko Yasuda
Mrs Susan Young
Grace Yu
Paul Zatz
Dr Ernst Zillekens
And several anonymous supporters

All Friends of Wigmore Hall contributions are eligible for Gift Aid where applicable.

For VAT purposes, contributions are split as follows:
Member Friend: Benefits £50 / Supporter Friend: Donation £65, Benefits £50 / Benefactor Friend: Donation £175, Benefits £50 / Patron Friend: Donation £450, Benefits £50

All levels of Friends Membership comprise a benefits value and a donation. Any amounts given over and above the price of benefits are freely given as a suggested donation. To discuss purchasing the benefits separately please contact the Friends Office on 020 7258 8230.


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